3 Subtle Signs Of Aging You Should Look Out For!

We all get old, but that doesn’t mean we have to enjoy it! Sure, there are some good things that come with getting older. I find your appreciation of the world and the people around you grows when you get older. Unfortunately, the biggest problem is that your body and appearance both change pretty drastically. Usually, when you spot the telltale signs of aging - like wrinkles - you take action. By doing this, you can slow down the aging process and look younger for longer. 

Therefore, it’s even more important to look for the more subtle signs of aging. We’re talking about things most people don’t realize are a sign that you’re getting older. Keep a lookout for them, and you can take action to keep yourself younger - in appearance, anyway!

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Low cheekbones

Did you know that high cheekbones are strongly associated with youthfulness? It’s true, and this means that low or shallow cheekbones are linked with being old. The reason for this is that your bones tend to lose their strength and hardness when you get older. As a result, you can get a sunken look to your face. If you spot this early, you could take action by improving your diet to make your bones stronger, or maybe considering a cosmetic procedure. 

Receding gums

It’s not an issue you see all the time, but it will be visible whenever you smile. When you get older, your gums will start to recede and come away from your teeth. Ultimately, this leads to teeth falling out, which is a pretty obvious sign of aging! However, you can prevent this from happening with excellent oral hygiene practices. As soon as you spot the signs of recession, visit your dentist and get some advice. They can even provide treatments that pull the gums further up, negating any existing recession. Now, you can smile big and wide, showing off your natural beauty and looking a lot younger. 


Okay, bruises themselves aren’t a sign of aging. But, if your bruises stick around for a long time, that can be. You see, when the human body gets older, things change. One of the things that changes is the way your skin heals itself and regenerates. When you’re young, it does this very quickly, meaning bruises can last a few days at most. If your bruises suddenly stay around for a couple of weeks, it’s a sign you’re getting older. This is one of the tougher signs to do anything about as you can’t really change how your body acts. But, you can avoid hitting yourself or learn to cover up the bruises and look younger. 

Don’t spend too much time looking for any slight signs of wrinkles or fine lines. They will be obvious when they come about, so focus on the more subtle signs of aging instead. Pick up on these little things and take action to maintain your youthful appearance. Obviously, when the wrinkles come, you can take action against them as well!

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