Could You Give Your Health A Boost Online?

The internet is wonderful for so many things. From shopping at all hours to finding information on almost everything, it seems there’s nothing that can’t be done online.

However, the internet also gets a bad reputation for being the cause of several health issues. Social media, for example, is often seen as the cause of many mental health problems, and we’re encouraged to give ourselves a break from it once in a while.

It’s true that we should take a break from the online world and rejoin the real world once in a while, but the internet actually has some pretty good uses for giving your health a boost. Discover some of the ways that you can give your health a boost online and look forward to a healthier, fitter you.

Image via bruce mars
Image via bruce mars
| Learn all about healthy eating

If eating a more balanced diet is at the top of your wellness wish-list, then the internet will have everything you need.

Let’s start with the basics. Do you know how many calories you need to eat each day to help you maintain your weight? It’s likely a lot less than you think. Working out how many calories you need to eat to lose, maintain and gain weight is the ideal place to start.

By making the most of online recipes, you can discover meal ideas that are healthy and packed with nutrients. Healthy eating is important for both your short-term and long-term health, so the more you educate yourself on educating, the healthier you could be.

| Track your weight loss goals

You can try all kinds of avenues to lose weight, but how effective are the fad diets or latest healthy eating crazes? Sooner or later, old habits return. But when you track your calorie intake on a daily basis, you’ll find it much easier to lose weight.

Of the various apps on the market designed to help you lose weight, apps such as MyFitnessPal are a great way to track exactly what you’re eating. This will help you manage portion control, as well as help you identify the foods you’re eating that are the most in calories. They’re not only good for counting calories, but they can also help you identify foods to avoid if they contain too much sugar, fat, and salt in them.

The right weight loss tracker app will help you set goals for your weight loss that are manageable and healthy, helping you to stay motivated in order to hit your targets. Having one on your phone will give you access anytime, anywhere, to make it easier for you to stick to your goals.

| Create an effective exercise plan

The internet is an encyclopedia of knowledge about working out. There are more resources than ever to help you achieve your fitness goals, allowing you to design your own training plan based on your specific goals. You could even benefit from the advice of experts and professionals to give you some training ideas.

Your exercise plan could feature several types of training to help you work out all areas of your body, ideal for helping you to tailor your workouts.

| Get fit for free

The volume of resources dedicated to getting fit is huge. Because of this, it’s very easy to find workout videos, articles, etc. that can replace your gym session or your fitness class. There are some fantastic fitness YouTube channels that will help you work out for free, saving you money while actually being really effective. These videos allow you to workout anytime, anywhere, making them perfect for people who are on the go and love a great workout.

The good thing about online workout resources is that they can help teach you new moves and techniques that you might be unaware of. They can also help you to learn no-equipment exercise moves, which are great for using your own body weight to get fit. Don’t underestimate the power of online workouts - they could help you achieve your goals.

| Seek advice from professionals

When it comes to your health, it’s always wise to proceed with caution when reading things online. There is a lot of unregulated content out there, which can lead people to incorrect information. You might use the internet to check for worrying symptoms, but it’s quite easy to let your imagination run away with you online, so always be cautious with your research.

However, if you look to trustworthy sources, you can find professional health advice online. There are services like Dr On Demand, which are a good solution if you can’t get an appointment with your doctor or need some urgent advice. While you can get prescriptions online now too, it’s still good advice to see your doctor for information and treatment first.

| Seek advice from peers

As well as seeking professional help, you can use the internet to find advice from people who have similar experiences to you and could help you with any problems that you’re going through. Forums and blogs can make useful places to get support, as well as share your own experiences and advice with others.

| Get help managing pain

Do you suffer from chronic pain? The internet has many resources that can help you with this. You’ll find forums made up of fellow sufferers as well as bloggers who are experiencing the same thing, who can share some useful tips and advice. You can learn yoga and meditation techniques amongst others that could all help with any issues you might have.

You’ll also find several resources that offer alternative ways of treating pain and other conditions. Some people buy cannabis online legally to help manage pain, as well as other solutions to typical treatments. Researching your condition online can take you to many places, so make sure you identify the trustworthy sources over those that might be less reliable.

| Discover how to meditate

Meditation can help you to manage a lot of your issues. From helping to ease depression and anxiety to helping to ease joint or muscle pain, there are several benefits of using mediation in your daily life.

There are different ways you can learn to meditate, including yoga, Pilates etc. Getting into the habit of doing yoga before bed is that it helps to prepare your body and mind for sleep. Different videos and articles can help you learn the basics, as well as help you learn some positive mantras that you can use to help you stay motivated.

| Learn more about the latest health issues

When you read the daily news, it’s likely that the articles relating to health are at the bottom of your reading list. However, reading the latest health news helps you to stay informed so that you understand when different outbreaks are taking place, etc. and other matters related to your personal health. You can find health news in sections of different news outlets, which you should bookmark and check frequently.

Whatever the current state of your health, it’s never too late to take charge of it. From using different apps to tackle different health issues, to seeking help from others, the internet really is a rich resource for health information. However, it’s always important to check with your doctor before you make any huge lifestyle changes, especially when your online research is all you have to go by.

Your health should always be your priority, so make sure you do what you can to stay on top of it.


Whence and Whither: On Lives and Living. Thomas Lynch

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About the Author:

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Medical Marijuana: Everything You Should Know Before Lighting Up

Medical marijuana, or weed, is a powerful substance. It’s so powerful that some doctors prescribe it to their patients to help them with illnesses and diseases. “Hallelujah,” you may think – “I can finally light up without breaking the law!” Yes, marijuana for medical use is an excellent way to enjoy the drug without being prosecuted.

However, there is a lot more to the process and the industry than smoking a joint in your home. As a strong and intoxicating substance, there are a few things everyone should know before inhaling for the first time. After all, it may not be suitable and you may want to puff, puff, and pass.

To help you make your decision, here are some of the considerations to factor in before using medical marijuana.

Image via StayRegular
It’s The Doc’s Decision

As you’re not a medical expert with years of experience and a stellar resume, the decision is not up to you. The only person who can decide whether you need weed to treat your aches and pains is a qualified doctor. So, you will need a prescription before you can start getting it over the counter.

Of course, there is a loophole because marijuana is legal in some states so you don’t need a doctor’s note in some circumstances. However, be wary that smoking weed in a state where it is still a crime will result in arrest and charges. Even if you aren't charged, never underestimate the danger of self-medicating. As a person with no knowledge of the workings of the body, you may do more harm than good.

Strike up a conversation with your physician and maturely speak to them if you want them to allow it.

Image via WikiPedia
The Law Is Complicated

Okay, so where to begin? The fact is that marijuana is still illegal under federal law and is punishable by a jail sentence. You may get a few days or a couple of weeks, but going to the big house isn’t recommended regardless of the length of your sentence. South Dakota has stringent possession laws that carry up to one year in jail.

Some places have decriminalized it and others are in the process, while individual states allow its use for medical purposes. With that in mind, it’s essential to figure out if your state is liberal or conservative before attempting to use MM to fight your health issues. Let’s face it; there’s no point wasting your time talking to a doctor who can’t prescribe it anyway. Also, the strength of the product you’re allowed may not be adequate.

The likes of Texas and Wyoming only let their citizens smoke low-THC products and that impairs the impacts.

Image via WikiMedia
Not Everything Applies

Just because you have a health issue doesn’t mean marijuana will help. In lots of cases, there are better drugs that don’t carry as much of a risk. Indeed, only two rare forms of epilepsy have been approved by the FDA for medical marijuana use. They are Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.

Due to its complicated legal status, there isn’t a lot being done regarding weed as a helpful drug. Researchers need a special license that is very hard to obtain. While some physicians use it to treat more than epilepsy, such as Alzheimer’s and cancer, there isn’t much evidence that it works.

Therefore, it may be better to stick with traditional forms of medicine. Or, cannabis oil is becoming increasingly popular due to its impact on certain health problems.

There Are Risks

Although it is legal in some states and approved by doctors, it doesn’t mean you can smoke it non-stop without consequences. The reality is that the DEA classes it as a Schedule I drug along with the likes of heroin and LSD. Therefore, it’s not uncommon to develop an addiction and have to go through MAT treatment.

While the strength of weed shouldn’t put you off using it, it’s essential to safeguard against the problems. A smart move is to only smoke it a couple of times throughout the week. By using other herbal remedies, you can cut down on dependency issues that affect between nine and thirty percent of users.

Speak to your doctor for more info.

Your Gut Is The Key

Once you’ve started using it, only you will be able to tell if it is working. Medical experts can study the data yet they don’t know how you feel on the inside. So, it’s important to gauge the impacts and make a decision.

If it’s working, carry on to help your health. However, if it isn’t, consider quitting to avoid the common dangers of medical marijuana.

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