Mama Time: Why It’s Important To Prioritize Your Needs Too

When it comes to your life, it’s safe to say that your family will always take priority. When you’re a mom, it’s just natural to want to put your children first. But as much as you can do for them, you have to make sure that you’re taken care of too. Because you can only give them as much as you’ve got. And that means you need to be happy and healthy if you want to provide them with the right care and support. So when you’re doing everything you can to keep your family healthy and happy, then why not make some for yourself too? Let’s take a look at some of the ways that you can look to prioritize your needs too.

Mama Time
Invest In Yourself

First of all, you’re always going to want to look at investing in yourself. Although you’ll want to give everything you’ve got to your kids, you deserve some time and attention too. By investing in your future, with your education, a business, or just something for yourself, you’ll be doing everything that you can to support yourself, and make sure that you still feel like you, as a human - and not just a mom. This will make sure that you can find a perfect balance between both worlds, which can be so important for your mental health.

Spend Time With Your Friends

If you always want to make plans with your girlfriends, but then feel guilty when it comes round to it, you really do need to make sure that you get that time out for yourself. As we’ve touched on, you always want to make sure that you’re being the best mom and partner that you can be. But if you’re overworked and stressed, it limits you. So taking time out to see your friends will help you to have your down time, and make you excited to go back into mom and wife mode.

Let Your Batteries Recharge

Of course, you also need to make sure that you let your mind and body relax. Again, this will help you to stay calm and energized when you are in mom and wife mode. So, find a way to relax that works for you. Go to the spa, take a bath, or read - anything that allows your batteries to recharge for a few hours.

Boost Your Confidence

If you’re feeling down in the dumps, it can often rub off on your children. So you need to make sure that you feel good. Whether that’s looking into breast implant videos or buying a new outfit, do what you need to do. If you can feel good and boost your confidence, you’ll be much happier as a person and around your family too.

Rekindling Your Romance

Finally, you’ll also want to make sure that you spend quality time with your spouse too. Because it’s so important for your relationship to stay strong. Not just for your family unit, but so that you are happy on a romantic level too.


Amorada Tequila Blanco for National Margarita Day, 2018

Amorada Tequila is the product of Terray Glasman, who scoured the distilleries of Mexico in search of the perfect tequila. The end result is a 100% Weber Blue Agave. To add to the overall perfection, the bottle itself is 100% hand crafted. It's beautiful against the setting sun of an evening sky.

(1) 750ml Amorado Tequila Blanco SRP $39.99

The nose is slightly earthy and a little peppery. The palate is smokey. Lately, even the Margarita's down at our favorite Mexican eatery is offering smokey palate as well. Weird. We like it though. It's like a toned-down Mezcal.


Homemade Margarita Mix
1/2 cup sugar
Amorada Tequila Blanco
1 cup water
1 cup fresh squeezed lime juice (8-12 limes)

For each margarita:
2 oz homemade margarita mix
2 oz Amorada Blanco
1 oz orange liqueur
1 tsp agave nectar (optional)
lime wedges/slices for garnish (optional)

To make the margarita mix; heat water and sugar in a small sauce pan until completely dissolved and the water is clear. Let cool. Pour into a pitcher with lime juice. Leftovers will keep 7-10 days in a jar in the fridge.

To make margaritas, combine 2 ounces mix, 2 ounces tequila, 1 ounce orange liqueur, and a teaspoon of agave nectar if you like. Shake well, strain into ice filled margarita glass.

Garnish with lime slices.

To make frozen margaritas, freeze the lime mix into ice cubes. Blend the ice cubes with hilled tequila and orange liqueur until uniformly slushy.

You may purchase your own from this juncture.

Happy National Margarita Day!

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World Premier: Crown Heights Affair Come Out With a New Song

We had never heard of Crown Heights Affair before, at least not that we remember anyway. Gone are the days that the artist and song title do not run across your car radio. But, this surprises us since we were surely roller skating to their hits when we were younger. Even their new world premier, Mary, Mary has that incredible late-seventies throwback sound which we never outgrew a passion and a groove for.

Mary, Mary, features William Anderson and is the product of Trezure Roxx/MPRE SONY Orchard Records.

World Premier
We have sampled six versions and thusly recorded our reactions;

Really like the Radio Edit. Catchy. Funky. Easy to sing along with. Excellent horn section. We will be singing this as we get dress in the morning.

The OG Version has more kick than the Radio Edit. There's a running percussion line which is just cleansing to the ears. Sweet!

4 on the Floor is a white bread version. Seriously, it seems to have a little less of the funk and a little less of our interest.

We are rarely fond of the Instrumental Version of anything. However, this one would be fun for writing your own words and just messin' around with. A lot of it seems to be looped. Hence, it should be easy to cut and paste for your audio mixing fun.
World Premier
We love acapella. Always have. However, this song doesn't lend itself well to this style of music. There are too many junctures of silence/space, unless you wanted to work really hard to fill in all of the gaps with scatting, your own mixes and such.

Please, do not misunderstand. The Acapella Version is perfectly tight. It would be a real challenge to listen to if this weren't so well executed. You can hide imperfections with a large group of people. Not so with a group of 8, or so. Timing and tempo are perfect.

Just as an aside, we did not listen to any of the group's older cuts (Dance Lady Dance, Dancin', Dream World, Every Beat of My Heart, etc.), as we wanted to be really focused on the new one. We will though. Love that retro/Old School sound!

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7 Charming Sisters is Doing a Giveaway

7 Charming Sisters (7 CS) is a group of like-minded ladies in that they foster the concepts of fun, beauty and individuality. In fact, what they have created is 7 lines of jewelry, each with a specific taste in mind. Clearly, price and quality seem equally as important to this impressive group of women!
7 Charming Sisters is Doing a Giveaway
Currently, we are reaching out to let youall know about current (7 CS) giveaway promotions for their Spring into Fashion Give-A-Way. 4 winners will receive new jewelry, delivered to their front door for 4 months in a row. Each delivery is valued at $200.00. Sweet!

Feel free to click on the giveaway banner to the right of this text and enter like a person who is hopped up on the prospect of new jewelry!

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