Doing What We Love And Loving What We Do

We quite often imagine that when doing what we love everything falls into place, and our lives become much easier. Whether it’s turning a hobby into a career, getting a degree in a subject that you adore, or land in that dream job, we all have things that we imagined to get better once we reach a goal. However it isn’t always a simple as that, and taking care of other things in life are essential to. Many of us forget the fact that we have responsibilities, challenges, and things that we need to do to ensure a happy healthy lifestyle. Taking care of ourselves is the number one priority. So here are some ideas on how doing what you love and loving what you do whilst taking care of yourself is essential.

Image via Helena Lopes
Image via Helena Lopes
Good habits

Having good habits within your life, such as eating breakfast, taking care of yourself and your home, and exercising are all great habits to have. And cutting down on some unhealthy and dangerous habits, are of course worthwhile endeavors when you are trying to take care of yourself. Pathways Real Life Recovery can help with the more serious side of this, and it’s important to take time to recover from any issues surrounding these situations. Admitting that you need help with the problem is nothing to be ashamed of, and if you have some reservations or issues that you need help ironing out then it’s always good to ask those people who care about you first. They say it takes about three weeks for a new habit to form, and become natural for you. So it’s essential that you learn to stay focused and disciplined so that you don’t fall behind on your good intentions. You could even start with something very simple such as 10 minutes yoga every morning. It doesn’t take a huge amount of time but it can reduce stress levels and get you set up for the day.


Exercise reduces the amount of stress in your life, it increases endorphins which means you are more likely to feel happier, and of course, brings many health benefits to you. Hiring a personal trainer is, of course, a great idea, but if your budget doesn’t allow this and you can always follow some videos online, join a group fitness class, or just go for a long walk or run if possible. There should be no excuses available to not moving around more, just finding a little bit of time every day in your schedule, and ensuring that you stick to your new commitment, is not always easy, but something that will benefit you in a big way feels

Time out

Taking time out to rest and recuperate from your day-to-day life is essential. Everybody needs a little bit of time every week to be able to regroup and feel better about everything. We can’t be productive if we are running ourselves into the ground, so whatever is that you like to do to relax and regain your positivity, is something very important. Making sure that you can have time out of your busy schedule for this as well is difficult but very important and worthwhile.


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