5 Makeup Essentials Every Woman Needs

The beauty industry is one of the most profitable in the world. And a large portion of those sales is made up by cosmetics. Worn by millions of women (and men) around the globe, it’s something that people love to purchase.

Image via Emma Bauso
Image via Emma Bauso
Whether you’re new to the game or you simply love makeup, you’ll probably know that there are certain ‘essential’ items that should be in everyone’s purse. But if it’s something that you’re still not sure of, here is some inspiration that you can use:

1.  Concealer

At the top of the list is concealer. Something that many people swear by, it will help with any dark circles or blemishes on the skin. An item that should be a staple in your makeup back, it’s natural and will give you that extra bit of confidence if you need it.

A great thing about concealer is that there are plenty of different brands available either online or in stores. Varying from budget-friendly to the more luxurious, you’ll be able to find a brand and shade that suits you easily.

2.  Mascara

Another ‘essential’ is mascara. Transforming the look of your eyes, you can go as simple or as extreme as you want with it. For example, if you’re looking for a more formal style, then opt for a black mascara and add several coats. Whereas if you’re looking for a more natural style, then a brown or clear mascara might be more suitable for you.

3.  Lipstick

Lipstick has been a favorite makeup item of many for thousands of years. Available in a range of shades and styles, it’s a timeless piece of makeup that’s continuously evolving. Once you’ve found a shade that you love, you’ll be able to add as little or as much other makeup as you want.

4.  Lip Liner

People often forget about lip liner, often opting for only lipstick. But lip liner is a fabulous piece of makeup that’s perfect if you’re looking for a little extra volume on your lips. Yet again available in several different shades, it can blend seamlessly into your lipstick.

5.  Bronzer

No matter what your complexion, bronzer is a wonderful item of makeup that you can use to either contour, add a bit of warmth or as eye shadow. What’s known as a universal product, its versatility makes it a must in your makeup bag.

Bonus: Makeup Brushes

This is a very important essential that you’ll want in your makeup bag. Whether it’s a bronzer brush, a foundation brush, an eye shadow brush or another type, it’s the ultimate accessory that you can use to correctly apply your makeup each time.

Final Thoughts

So, there you go! There are the top makeup essentials that you should have in your makeup bag. What you choose to put in there, of course, is up to you. But if you have the above, it’s the start of a makeup collection that you’ll love. No matter what brands you opt for, you’ll be able to create a look that gives you that added bit of confidence!


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