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On the norm, We will only pay a minimal cost, if that to review a product.  One needs boundaries in the business of reviews.  It's critical.


(1) 16 X 20 Canvas Print

Well, we did pay a small fee for this item.  But, it was small, very affordable and we love this.  It's not the first image on canvas for us.  This is about the fifth or sixth and what we are learning is that the quality of this product gets better and better with each acquisition.

It's not even that the product was once bad, for any company from which the image came.  They were always good.  But, you needed to be aware that the more pixels that you had for your finished product, the better.

This one is crisp, rich and immensely satisfying to our Mother who was so happy to get this.

Look for occasional deals.

Easy Canvas Prints does magic in Austin, Texas.  Not too far away from Ginae Reviews.  It's a good thing that we don't live next door to them.  We shoot a lot of prints that we just love!

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