The Parts Of Your Body You Should Really Take Care Of

The human body. It is a complicated and beautiful thing. We are all blessed with having one, and we are all guilty of taking it for granted.

When it comes to our body, I think we can all admit that sometimes we forget just how precious our one and only body is. Today we are going to be looking at a few parts of the body that you should really take care of. Who knows, perhaps, in turn, these parts will take care of you.

Image via Pixabay
Image via Pixabay
The Heart

This is the one that the doctors keep telling you about. The truth is we all should listen. The heart is incredibly important and the most important thing we have.

We can, for today, ignore the cliches of giving our hearts for love. First and foremost, to look after our hearts, we only need to do two things — exercise and diet control. Firstly when we talk about exercise, we are referring to cardiovascular exercise. Now, this doesn’t mean you should take extreme measures. Taking small steps and walking before you start to run would be the best way to start.

Contrary to what some enthusiasts may tell you, doing too much is dangerous for the heart. Doing heavy exercise that puts a strain on an unhealthy heart can lead to a high release of creatine kinase from the muscle tissue that surrounds the heart. This can go on to cause angina like symptoms.

Obviously, diet is the easiest way to a healthy heart. Just make sure you are familiar with your good and bad cholesterols.

Your Back

Taking care of your back is so important. Just think of how difficult things would be should it take extreme damage.

Some people believe that issues such as spondylitis and AS are the leading causes of being bedridden with back issues. This is also not the case. The majority of the time, we are actually to blame.

The main causes of back pain are lifting incorrectly and the biggest of all — our posture. Most of us who have desk jobs are guilty of causing our pain. Now, there are a couple of solutions to back pain, should it arise, the main one being a Chiropractor.

Great preventative are getting hold of posture braces and working out once or twice per week to strengthen the back muscles. Working out can also promote a great posture.

Your Feet

Looking after your feet is vital. This also probably seems quite obvious. If you are truthful with yourself, do you give your feet the treatment they deserve?

The answer is almost certainly no. Feet should undergo a maintenance routine daily. You should also be promoting strength in your feet. The soles of your feet are naturally very tender, keeping them in socks or shoes every day does protect them, sure. What you do not realize is that doing this softens the tissue and makes them sensitive to the most gentle of things.

Our bodies need to be looked after, even just making minor changes and taking care of the three things above, you will notice vast differences in your life in a matter of weeks.


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