National Liqueur Day, October 16: Recommendations

National Liqueur Day has a somewhat rich and cultural background.  The liqueur concept began with the distillation of wine in the making of fortified spirits, circa 400 BC by the Egyptians and the Greeks.  After that, the art was perfected and used primarily for medicinal purposes.  Flash to today, we cannot get enough.

Rivulet produces a unique liqueur for the demanding connoisseur.  It's such a treat.  If you spilled it and no one were looking, well, you might indulge in some carpet licking.  This product is a fair trade certified product as well.

Rivulet begins as a brandy.  It has very subtle low notes of maple syrup, toasted pecans, butter, orange zest and baking spice.  We can just barely smell the cinnamon.  Not a lot.  Perfect.

National Liqueur Day

  • (2) 750ml Rivulet Artisan Pecan Liqueur SRP $34.99

Artisan Pecan Liqueur

This is an award-winning (Double Gold, 2014) treat for the palate.  The nose is primarily nutty, as one would expect.  The taste?  O-M-G(awsh)!

The other reviewers agreed.  One suggested that if you wanted to take your time with it and treat it like a Summer liqueur, you could add half and half to it.  You could.  That would give it a sweet that pecans do not have.

Either way, pass it, please.

You will find your bottle here.

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