AuCuTee Sound Machine S5 Product Review

Considering that the last electronic item we purchased was written with Kanji characters, we were glad for these in English. Easy to follow too. All of the buttons were easy to use as well.

AuCuTeeThe machine's lowest volume is still pretty loud, but acceptably so.

30-60-90 LED timing lights on machine are extremely bright. Piercing, even. To the point that we had to cover them. Sleep experts state this is the best possible sleep scenario. Cover up all intrusive lighting, even the smallest source of illumination.

If you don't turn the machine off but do turn off the sound (or allow sound to time out), the previously selected sound will play again when turned on again. We like that.

AuCuTeeIf you turn the machine off, the number one default sound will play when turned on again.

The internal battery charged fine and the machine played all night on a single charge.

Did not try earphones since we are extremely sensitive about using earphones, especially for any considerate amount of time.

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