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This item is really super sticky. But, not in a gross or bad way. You don't have to walk away with a slimy residue on your mitts for having dealt with it.
No Slip
No SlipThis is good for us who prefer clean hands!

Just lay it down where you want it to be and know that unless you clean the surface before lying it down that it won't be picked up with some dirty unhappiness.

This is good for me, as I am usually lying my phone on my desk for charging. I know that I will invariably pull it right onto the floor. I know that it doesn't have a long way to fall and this has never damaged the phone thus far.

However, why tempt fate?

The mat is just a hair smaller than my iPhone5. But, there are no problems with this. It is simply worthy of note.

Also, I didn't really notice until I started working with the attached images. But, there are a couple of bumpy protrusions jutting out on the left side. These are really small and can be shaved off in a tidy manner, due to material used to create this item.

Right now, the mat is going for $8.99 from the Amazon link below.

Vital Link: Amazon

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