Be A Glow-Getter: Make Your Skin Glow From The Inside Out

If you want gorgeous skin, you can’t spend little to no time caring for it each day. Glowing skin requires you to work from the inside out. Piling lots of different products onto your skin may work in the short term, but it’s working from the inside that helps to get the most long-term results. Here’s how you can be a glow-getter!

Focus On Your Nutrition
No amount of skin products are going to help you if your nutrition is off. Make sure you put a real focus on your nutrition and do your best to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. The more natural foods you eat, the better your skin is going to look overall. This doesn’t mean that you should eat perfectly clean - of course you can have a treat. Balance in life is key to enjoyment! However, you should make sure that you’re eating well the majority of the time. Some of the foods that are said to be great for skin include: Nuts Avocados Raw vegetables Fish Wholemeal produce

Bear in mind that everybody is different and you may need to do some experimentation to see what works for you. One thing that could be worth cutting out for glowing skin is dairy. Too much dairy and you might just find you suffer from breakouts like never before! Not only should dairy be avoided, it goes without saying that alcohol should be consumed rarely - try to stick to special occasions. Smoking and other bad habits should also be avoided.

Take Vitamins And Supplements
Vitamins and supplements aren’t always necessary if you’re getting enough from food, but they can be a huge help if you think you need more. A skin, hair, and nails supplement can be great for the skin, but there are a number of skin complex's out there that could potentially help you.

Be A Glow-Getter: Make Your Skin Glow From The Inside Out
Stress can be a big factor when your skin just isn’t playing ball. If you’re too stressed, take some time to yourself to relax. Tell yourself that it’s OK to do nothing. Read a little, maybe take a bath and meditate. Doing this regularly is important for your mental health, not just for your physical health!

Get Into A Regular Skincare Routine
Once you’ve taken care of all of the above, you can start thinking about your regular skincare routine. There are plenty of things to remember, such as using products that suit your skin type and ensuring you apply them in the right order. Not only that, skin can change depending on the season, so you need to keep an eye on it!

At the very least, you need to be cleansing, toning, and moisturizing each day and night. That’s a minimum. You can look at dermabrasion ideas to get rid of dead skin and do this once or twice a week depending on your skin type. Some people also like to include a serum, eye cream, and facial oil in their routine. Serum goes on before your moisturizer as it penetrates into the deeper layer of the skin. An eye cream goes on either before or after your moisturiser depending on the thickness - the thicker product usually goes on first so it can penetrate better.

Finally, a facial oil can be used instead of a moisturizer, or it can be dabbed lightly on top. Many people get scared of putting oils on the skin, but they can be wonderful for pigmentation, scarring, wrinkles, and more!

Avoid Wearing Makeup Every Day
Wearing makeup every day isn’t great for the skin, especially if you go through a full routine rather than just a tinted moisturizer and a little mascara. Try to give your skin a break where possible.

Take Off Your Makeup As Thoroughly As Possible
When you do wear makeup, make sure you take it off thoroughly. This usually means cleansing twice, sometimes even three times. You can use a foaming cleanser and even a micellar water to do this. Make sure you focus on the neck and around the hairline, as these places often get missed out. You can then perform the rest of your routine as normal. Sleeping in your makeup should be avoided at all costs!

Making your skin glow from the inside out will take a little consistency. You’ll need to be as healthy physically and mentally as possible, and then focus on the products you’re using. If you’re still struggling, it could be time to visit a dermatologist. Leave your thoughts below! *Sponsored
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