Lumina 5200 mAh Ultra Compact Portable Charger External Battery

In the beginning, when I was reviewing chargers, I didn't get it. I'd assume a cave-woman disposition and shake the charger (and listen to it, to see if anything rattled), look at it as though it were a representation of the great, fireball in the sky and furrow my unibrow.

Lumina 5200 mAh Ultra Compact Portable Charger External BatteryWell, those days are gone. These things are not hard to use and they can really save you if you need a charged phone, but are soon to leave and are sporting 1 whole bar! You have to keep your charger, well, charged. That's the only thing that you need to know.

Otherwise, charge it once you receive it and the 4 LED lights will flash in succession until it is done. This did not take long. Me like it not take long to do!

Then, when you need it, use it. Plug the provided cable into your phone and the other end into your computer or the wall unit, as you may have (I have one). Wait until the four dots agree, one with another.

Fast. Easy. Compact. Carry it in your hand and use like an empowered fist if you feel threatened, 'cause hey, you have no idea what's hiding just behind the big rock!

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