Auster is a monthly subscription box product which, consists of 4 chef-created e-liquids and a small cache of fun. It isn't cheap. But, it's the only one of its kind, so far.

AusterThis is a beautiful box of product. The outside of the box is painted up like something at the modern art museum and the inside contains 4 cylinders which, hold the e-liquids.

We've been in and out of this box since it arrived, a few days ago and today is the first day that we've noticed some bonus items underneath the tray of liquids.

Received 1 Lush Box:

(4) 30ml Bottles of Artistically Designed E-Liquids
(1) Small Bottle of Toothpicks
(2) Auster/Blow Clowds Patches
(2) Auster/Logo Pins
(1) Square Cleaning Cloth

AusterThis elegantly done package is just perfect for those who appreciate doing things differently, once in a while, or, just, some of life's finer things. It's a treat to be sure.

The boxes cost $55.00 per month and may be purchased from the website, as listed below.

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