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The very first time we perused the Infinity Jars website, we were intrigued. The first image that we saw was the big one of a bunch of jars. We love things that organize things. Specifically, these specialty bottles can be used for facial serums, toners, essential oils and perfume. They have an airtight seal, ultra-violet filtering, are scent-proof and will naturally preserve and rejuvenate freshness.

What is intriguing is that all three products are a rich, beautiful cobalt blue. It's hard to tell this though, as the outside of each bottle is so dark that they appears to be a brown or black. However, we picked them up, one-by-one, pointed them towards a bright light source and could not find a single error in manufacturing. No bubbles, marring, scratches, lines, nothing.

We filled them full of water. No leaks. Infinity Jars are covered with a 100% money back guarantee. So, there were no worries anyway. We just had to know.


(1) 15 ml Pocketsize Glass Jar SRP $10.00
(1) 30 ml Glass Fine Mist Spray Bottle SRP $13.00
(1) 200 ml Glass Soap Dispenser Bottle SRP $20.00
(1) Cleaning Cloth
(1) Package of Labels

About Infinity Jars:

Infinity Jars set the standard for premium glass jars and containers. We are proud to boast the largest collection of unique styles of ultraviolet glass you'll find anywhere. Our products are created and backed by scientists and health advocates around the world. Extensive research has gone into each of our products, and we guarantee you can leverage the incredible power of these jars to maintain the optimum freshness of nearly any foodstuff, dried good, lotion, or essential oil.

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