Pet GiftBox: July, 2016

This is our fifth Pet GiftBox and it always dumbfounds us that the cats know when a box has come which, is just for them.  Granted, their names were on the recipient label on the outside of the box.  However, as smart as they are, they cannot read, sell jewelry or take our money to the local deli for a treat.  They want these things.  ut, until they have money of their own and opposable thumbs, we are safe for now.
Pet GiftBox: July, 2016

Snoe and Sparkles are the official review cats of Ginae Says.

Received for July's Box:

  • (1) Cloudstar Soft Buddy Biscuits
  • (1) Green Magic Dynamite
  • (1) Kitty Fun Bopper
  • (1) Sparkle Ball
  • (1) Uncle Sam Catnip

As you can see by the attached images, the cats loved this box, as usual, and why not?  The boxes are well-thought out and well-designed.  We also like that the company always includes a treat.  We like the whole thing and the cats love it.


Pet GiftBox prices begin at $28.99 for one month.  Next, is $23.99 per month when you buy 3-months in advance.  After that is $20.99 for a 6-month savings.  Lastly, cost goes down to $18.99 a month when you buy a year of cat and dog joy.

Receive an additional 50% off of your first box, simply for using this secret code: Ginaesays!

Pet GiftBox: July, 2016
About Pet GiftBox:

Pet GiftBox has been around since 2014, pleasing pets and delighting their owners ever since.  Pet GiftBox cares about our veterans too.  A portion of all proceeds will be given to America's VetDogs,® an organization serving the needs of veterans with disabilities.

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