What Night? Funny 13 Ounce Wine Glass

This 13 ounce wine glass arrives well-packaged in a simple, white corrugated box and a company logo sticker.  The glass itself is wrapped with bubble wrap.  In fact, this is our third or fourth wine glass from Got Me Tipsy and they were all well-wrapped.

What Night? Funny 13 Ounce Wine GlassAfter a few sips, the first text line is more visible with, "What Night?"  After a bit more, the second line is more visible with, "Great Night."  The last line reads, "Good Night."  These seem backwards to us.  Regardless, does it really matter after your second glass?  No.  But, it does you conversation, if you need it.

We have inspected the glass from every angle of light and can find no flaws or imperfections.  This is however, perfect for any wine lover.  Or, any occasion.

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