Toy Drone

This is probably the most fun that I have had with a product review in a real long time!  It was a little work to figure out and involved some accidents and some small parts.  But, we got there.

The review involves a lovely, family of four (two kids, two adults and two curious cats) and me.  The mother is one who normally assists me with products of this sort.  Plus, they are all fun people.  Especially the cats.
Toy Drone
This was our first time with a toy drone and the cats went nuts.  We would wait until they approached to sniff it out, then, we'd up it into the air, which sent them running in other directions. 

The drone is palm-sized, as you can see in the attached image.  It sports red and blue lights for extra fun.  The four fans push the toy upwards.  You can hear its tiny motor.  One of those fans popped out, but, it also popped right back in. 

Toy Drone
Once it starts flying, it goes pretty fast, which is how the ceiling got bumped a few times.  The battery comes out so that you can USB charge it.  Nice!

The remote is a bit bulky and the packaging could be a little tougher, if for no other reason than I'd have a good place to store it. 
Overall, super fun, giggles-laden good time!

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