I Phone LED Charge Cable

Physically, this is a beautiful cable.  Sounds dumb, right?  Well, if you think about it.  We require so many different cables to function these days.  I have cables for 4-6 different phones, 5 of which I no longer own, many camera cables for the Canon's and Nikon's that I once owned, Fuji cables for my current and past cameras.  It's ridiculous!

I Phone LED Charge Cable

Hence, the appearance of the cable is what led me to this product, initially.

I received the white/red cable and let me share.  That red line running the length of the cable really distinguishes it from my other white cables.  Granted, white cables are a fairly new thing.  But, it will catch on and I will be up to my neck in white cables pretty soon.

The LED light runs when you're charging.  Had no problems.  Shuts off after a complete charge.

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