How to Make Big Bucks from Big Blogs

I am always reading any available literature about the topic of blogging.  It's because of this that I rarely happen upon a new concept.  Such as was the case with Colker's book.  The title is just ambiguous enough to work?

Well, not really. 
How to Make Big Bucks from Big Blogs

While there is quite the labored definition of passive income, beginning on page five, everything else is ambiguous, gloss over and too broad for focus.  This seems mean-spirited and it's not supposed to.  I do believe that there is merit, somewhere.  I just can't figure out where it belongs. 

It's a step above remedial/dreamin'OFbloggin' status.  However, it doesn't reach up much farther than that.  If Colker were to add a list of resources for each chapter and at least, offer the reader the chance to explore some of these critical business-of-blogging aspects, this would naturally lend to more substance. 

The concepts are sound.  They just don't go far enough.  Not for this reader.

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