VeryDirtyCarpets Spot and Stain Remover Giveaway

Also received with this purchase was a Carpet and Upholstery Stain Remover .pdf, which is pretty excellent. 

Careful consideration went into the mere possibility of reviewing this product as there are so many carpet cleaning products that cross our desktop on a consistent basis.  Which ones to try?  With this one, the communication between your gentle reviewer and the owner of the company (Peter MacDonald) was good.  It wasn't too much and we wouldn't have the time for those who would really suck our time without cause.

During one of those communication stints, the topic of the differences between general and color stains arose and his answer was good enough to want to include it here;

VeryDirtyCarpets Spot and Stain Remover Giveaway

As a professional carpet cleaner, I come across this all the time, Most carpet when it is manufactured it is acid dyed, and so the food acids that get spilt on carpet actually dye the carpet and the only way to remove them is with special bleaching products. The problem with these Oxy based products is that they often lighten the carpet too.

For 90% of the stains you don't need an Oxy based cleaner and so I decided when we developed the formula that we would give our customers the best chance to remove the main stains that they get on their carpet without the danger of damaging it. My Professional background compels me to look after my customers best interests,

I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how effective it is and it is very good for use on upholstery as well.

Also helpful are the Facebook and website links.

For us, this is a very good cleaner and we had some real Big Red and pizza sauce challenges for it.  Sitting unused, this product is not a miracle.  You have to get down, brush and wipe.  You may even need second sessions.  We certainly will. 

However, we are really pleased.  The product is accompanied by a 100% money back guarantee.  You can't lose.

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