Tire Tek Flexi-Pro Professional Tire Pressure Gauge

This is an excellent mechanically calibrated tire gauge to have and keep up in your glove box.  Yes, it looks tough and is attractive for an air pressure gauge.  But, it is seriously the absolute best gauge that I've ever used. 

Product Review: Tire Tek Flexi-Pro Professional Tire Pressure GaugeNormally, I don't go cray cray on a product review.  But, in this instance, yeah.  I was checking the air in tires and had 2 other gauges with me.  The first one was one of those stick gauges that you can pick up for a couple of bucks at most retail joints.  Those things will work for a few months.  Then, nothing. 

The second gauge was one that I had picked up on a previous product review.  It worked at that time.  But, it didn't work on this particular day.  Neither did my retail-store-star.  Blph.  Nothing.

The only working pressure checker on that day was this one.  It's easy to use.  Easy to hold in the hand and resets in a second.

Just sayin'...

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