8 Pack Baby Washcloth

This 8 Pack Baby Washcloth is a collection of very soft-on-the-skin wash cloths for babies.  They are softly colored and pleasing to the eye.  They is a nice feel to these.  But, I had to careful as there is a nail which I have yet to trim, which kept picking up on the material (80% cotton and 20% polyester).  I had to slowly pull away.

The washcloths are very absorbent, easy to care for (machine washable) and big (9" X 9").  They would make an excellent gift for new mothers, or even those who already have babies.  I enjoy them.  But, I like mine in adult size.

This 8 pack lists for $19.99.  However, they are on sale @ Amazon for $7.99.  Simply try the link below this one.

Vital LinkAmazon

8 Pack

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