The BetterBox Vision:

We stand for a world of Better. Of shining, happy, healthy people, each and every one on the path to Better and Better.


  • (1) Small Gourmet Sample of Tea Forte's Orchid Vanilla
  • (1) Small Heart-Shaped Notepad, "Heartfelt Gratitude"
  • (1) Small, "Gratitude" Touchstone
  • (1) Small Glass Vial Sweet Red Hibiscus Luxury Bath Salts
  • (1) Gratitude Reflection Map
  • (1) 7-Count Package of Gratitude Notecards
  • (1) Big, Smiley-Face Cookie

We enjoyed this month's BetterBox.  We loved the gratitude theme, the contents of the box and the company representative with whom we dealt.  As an added bonus, both of our cats seem fascinated with the box.  In fact, we tried to shoot a pic of the box, sans the cats.  We did.  However, they were not interested in not being in the picture. 

BetterBox.LifeOur only issue is cost.  The BetterBox cost is $29.00 per month with free shipping and even though box contents are quality, we just don't see it as reasonable. However, we ueried the company about this inquiry and they replied thusly;

As you now know, BetterBox is not really about the contents of the box; it’s about the collection of activities carefully designed to help us shape a better life—and a better world.

That’s our commitment to our members—and it’s also where the bulk of development expenses are incurred each month.

In order to craft an optimal experience for our members, our team spends hundreds of hours researching, writing, designing, and of course, purchasing provisions for the thirty plus activities that are part of each BetterBox experience.

If we were shipping just the box full of provisions (without the Quest activities and all they entail) we’d be able to bring the cost of BetterBox down significantly. But then again, we wouldn’t be accomplishing our goal of providing a path to cultivating positive habits, uplifting emotions, and a renewed joy for life.
Marta Armida

Try it for yourself.  It is a great box!  The people are great and it's also a well thought-out product.  We enjoyed it immensely

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