Pureology Introduces Gentle Shampoo-Free Cleansing

As of next month (June), Pureology introduces three non-shampoo cleansers to an already extensive line of haircare products.  These products were created to cleanse hair and to provide restorative care for hair which is color-treated. 


  • (1) Hydrate Cleansing Condition
  • (1) Smooth Perfection Cleansing Condition
  • (1) Strength Cure Cleansing Condition

We had the pleasure of trying these recently and it was a different experience.  Granted, these are all quality products in every manner.  They stand up to the Pureology brand. 

However, these are low-lather/foam cleansers.  It is advised that one wait for 2-3 minutes after application (a gentle massaging) before rinsing out.  They are meant to be used either between normal shampoos or once weekly, just to break up your routine and to give your color a break. 

The end results for any of these products are the same for any Pureology product.  They leave your hair shiny, smelling incredible, without tangles and lovin' for your colorin'. 

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