Smart Weigh Bathroom Scale

Finally, I was able to receive a bathroom scale that just works!  The units of measurement were not attached to some bizarre system for which I was unaware.  You plunk in the batteries, carefully place the scale on even ground, stand on it, it weighs you.

Smart Weigh Bathroom Scale
WHY is this so HARD for other scale manufacturers to figure out?  We don't get it.

The scale is well packaged, simply designed and works.  Easy.  Thank you Smart Weigh!  It goes up to 440 pounds too.  Not that we need that in this house.  It's just good to know that it's there.  What if I wanted to weigh myself and the cats?

I could.

Smart Weigh also has memory, which is kind-of nice.  It is bittersweet for some of us.  Yet, great for others.

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