Super Bowl XLIX: Party Time with Jolly Time

Jolly Time pop corn has been in business for just a hair over 100 hundred years.  They offer 21 delectable flavors and they even offer up some recipes on the web site, which is listed below.  Jolly Time doesn't use GMO's either.  Just sayin'.

Popcorn has humble beginnings as it was first sold on the streets.  But, people like it too much for the sales to continue being sold just on the streets.  It made its way into the moving picture shows with the invention of the electric pop corn machine.  Then, in the 30's, popcorn began getting air time on the radio. 

Entrepreneur Cloid Smith began the American Pop Corn Company in 1914 in Sioux City, Iowa.  Cloid's son Howard, AKA Pop Corn Smith began working for the company in 1916, upon having graduated from high school.  He then took over the company in 1939. 

Howard's sons Chesley and Wrede joined their father after serving in World War II.  American Pop Corn grew and evolved as a family business and eventually became Jolly Time Pop Corn.  The company grew even more with the advent of the microwave!

Finally, Jolly Time received the first ever Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval for a food brand in 1925. To this day, they are the longest continuous seal holder.

Flash forward to Sunday, February the 1st.  It won't take you any time to be prepared with boxes and packages, then bowls of Jolly Time Pop Corn.  It's good for snackin' and it's good for peggin' those obnoxious double dippers!  Hit 'em high.  Hit 'em low. 

But, hit 'em!


  • (2) Boxes of Jolly Time Blast O Butter: Ultimate Theatre Style
  • (2) Packages of Cookies and Cream Pop Corn
  • (2) Packages of White Cheddar Pop Corn

Available in grocery stores everywhere.

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