National Squirrel Appreciation Day is January 21, 2015

To honor and acknowledge National Squirrel Appreciate Day, one need to go no further than  This is an online joint which allows you to create and sell promotional materials to the world from your own free shop.  Sweet.  Right? Yeah.

While searching for squirrel paraphernalia and squirrel gear, we came across a t-shirt on SpreadShirt, which was appropriate for the day.


(1) Mousepad: One by one, the squirrels steal my sanity by

Hence, we heartily recommend SpreadShirt for all of your t-shirt wearing and squirrel gear needs.  Granted, there is not a plethora of squirrel products here.  However, we did not cross a single site for which there was a goatload of squirrel items.

It's a shame, really.  Why is there no official goatload of squirrel products?  We think it a subtle form of prejudice.  Some people don't like squirrels.  But, we do.  In fact, we will end our praise of SpreadShirt and Squirrel Appreciation Day with song lyrics;

"I kissed a (squirrel) and I liked it!"

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