Ducky City: National Rubber Duckie Day: January 13, 2015

The rubber duck has quite the world history, over quite the many of  years.  However, it's pretty boring until you get to the part were the idea came from.  We begin with a muppet in a tub singing, "Rubber duckie you're the one...rubber duckie for having fun..."

We celebrate National Duckie Day in honor of Sesame Street's, Ernie, who sang, "Rubber Duckie."  The tub time hit sat at #16 on the Billboard Hot 100 in September of 1970.  The birthday of the duckie was January 13th.  Hence, we have this day to reach in for our inner child and allow them the fun that only a rubber duckie can bring.

Our memory is such that we don't remember much of the first 30 years of our life.  However, we do remember bits of the aforementioned show clip.  Hence, we fully intend to seize the duck.  Carpe anatem!

But, then again, if you were to check out that translation, it even carpe diem would work.  Carpe anatem also means to pluck the duck and we will not be plucking or otherwise harming any ducks, rubber or not.  We will be seizing to play and that is all.

If you, like myself, have found you never quite outgrew your love for rubber duckies, or if you simply feel nostalgic for the free spirited days of your childhood– don’t feel left out!
Joyce, Founder of Ducky City

Received from Ducky City:

  • (1)  Glow in the Dark Duck ($4.50)
  • (1)  Rubber Basketball Duck ($4.50)
  • (1)  Rubber Easter Duck ($4.50)
  • (1)  Rubber Facial Duck ($4.50)
  • (1)  Rubber Micro Duck ($8.99 per half dozen)
  • (1)  Rubber Party Duck (Light Blue) ($4.50)

If you wish to party with rubber ducks, Ducky City is the way to and the where to go.  The web site is listed below, as 'Web.'  These are quality products that are suitable for ages three to infinity (this more than covers your gentle writer), they are lead and phthalate free and have a round, floating weight situated in their posterior regions so that they float - right side up!

Thank you Joyce and Ducky City!

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