Panda Bear Linens: Bamboo Bed Sheet Set

Panda Bear Linens is a Southern California company and their only focus is premium bamboo linens, emphasizing bamboo sheets.  It's because of this focus that the company knows all about their products and are willing to use that knowledge to assist you in purchasing the perfect set of sheets.

Panda Bear Linens: Bamboo Bed Sheet SetFor our perusal, we have received a queen-sized set of sheets in Cayenne Red.  They are beautiful, comfortable and actually fit the bed.  We've purchased so many sheet sets that ju-s-t bar-e-ly pull over every corner.  These didn't act like that.  They actually fit.  They're also comfortable!  Ask our cats.  Cats and dogs always know where the most comfortable seat is.  Always!

We didn't realize until we used the sheets that we needed some color in our living space.  These red sheets are a real focal point.  Hence, we realized that it's not just quality that Panda Bear Linens are selling.  It's also about selection.

In fact, Panda Bear Linens also has coverlets, duvets, shams, pillowcases, towels and crib sheets.  Furthermore, your purchases carry a 30 day money-back guarantee, no sales tax and free U.S. standard delivery on orders of at least a $75.00 or more.  Sweet!

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