Abita Beer

Abita Beer is a privately owned company and was founded in 1986.  It is located in piney woods, just a scant 30 miles north of New Orleans.  The company has grown tremendously since then.

Abita Beer
Abita Beer has graciously sent over three flavors for our perusal.  These included Golden, Jockamo IPA and Purple Haze and we did not like any of them the first time we had them.  However, we tried them all again the next night and found their uniqueness and strength much to our liking!

Really, we had a difficult time deciding just which beers to try.  It required a lot of thought.  We are still tired, in fact.

However, we made the right decisions and since Abita sent over a 12-pack and a half, we have a few more beers to go.  We are not avid beer drinkers, on the norm.  Hence, the ones that we have will go a long way.

Thank you Abita!

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