Too Cute! On Animal Planet

The show touts that the protagonist's are, "Too cute!" They mean it. In the beginning, we abstained from watching this show.  The name sounded silly and the concept?  Fuh-get-about it!

Too Cute! On Animal PlanetHowever, we were wrong.  So wrong!

This show is the highlight of our every Saturday morning.

They bark.  They growl.  They muss.  They fuss.  They are puppies on some mornings and kitties on another.  The show will begin by focusing on one litter.  Everyone already has a name.  Otherwise, how would we track their growth and endeavors?

Why do we really like this show?  It's great for kids.  It's great for laughs and it's just great.  We also enjoy the many relationships within the litters.  There are also baby skunks, deer, goats and skunks.

Don't believe us?  Have a look for yourself.  There seems to be enough online video to whet your appetite.
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