How to Prepare For Your Family Road Trip

You are due to set off with your husband and four children on an enjoyable road trip, but there are probably a few things you might want to write on your to do list beforehand. 

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Do Vehicle Maintenance Checks Prior to Journey

This may seem obvious but it is a good idea to do any checks on your vehicle in advance, such as checking tire pressure, engine oil, windscreen washer is all topped up and you have any of these essentials in the boot too, in case you need a top up.  

Then of course you want to ensure you have enough gas! The last thing you want to be doing is breaking down on the highway because you forget to top up and you are nowhere near the gas station. 

Ensure Your Vehicle is Up to Date With Maintenance Checks

It is essential to keep up to date with your trailer repairs to ensure it is working well, especially when you need it at short notice. A professional will be able to carry out any vital repairs and replace necessary parts. This will include things like installing new windows, replacing worn tires, mending broken floor tiles and any exterior repairs such as ensuring the support frames are in good condition and welding an aluminum base to your trailer. 

Pack Essential Food and Drinks

It is always a good idea to have snacks, water, juice, sweet treats just in case your journey takes longer than necessary or you are caught in traffic and you and the children start to get hungry or thirsty and are unable to stop for supplies anytime soon. 

Bring a First Aid Kit

It is definitely useful to have a first aid kit in your vehicle and things like painkillers in case anyone in the family develops a cut, needing a Band-Aid or gets a headache. 

Create Fun Activities for the Kids

Instead of them being glued to their phones and ipads for the entire journey, keep them interested with interactive games. 

You could play the classic "I Spy With My Little Eye" game where you indicate that you are thinking of a particular word beginning with this letter and everyone else has a certain amount of guesses to use. 

Name That Tune - Where you guess the title of the track and artist before the lyrics kick in, so whoever guesses first gets to choose which track or radio station to listen to next. 

You could play a drawing game like Pictionary, whereby you have to guess what the opponent is drawing within the time frame using individual note pads. 

Part of the memories that you want to create can certainly involve the car journey too and does not just have to be limited to the destination. So the more organized you are, the less stressed you will be and hopefully the more memorable you can make it for your kids as well.  


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