How To Be More Realistic With Your Beauty Regimen

It’s important to define beauty as you see fit. Whatever makes you feel happy, and radiant, and as if you can express yourself (without harming others of course) is likely a good and wholesome pursuit to follow. There’s nothing quite like pampering yourself, and the one thing that many people forget is that beauty is often parallel to self-care.

Of course, that’s not always the case. Being more realistic with your beauty regimen is important, particularly in a way that is both sustainable and pays heed to the actual means by which you source those products in the first place.

Sometimes, just being plain responsible with your actions is important. For instance, doing your research and asking ‘how long does a septum piercing take to heal? - or figuring out where it will be pierced, and what lifestyle efforts you have to use to keep it in good condition is important. From there, you’re more likely to enjoy better and more worthwhile beauty practices if you keep moving forward and consider:

Know Where Certain Products Come From

It’s important to know how to source certain products you use in the best possible sense. What does this mean? Well, how has the beauty product been tested? It might not be cool to test on animals here, but has it been tested like this abroad? How can you use cruelty-free products, or those with sustainable ingredients, or those that have a low environmental impact? For instance, are the manufacturers interested in making foundation appropriate for a wide array of skin tones? If so - might it be best to support that brand over another? Only you can come to these decisions.

Consider Timing & Schedules

Before long, beauty self-care and fashion can take a good amount of hours away from your day. Of course, we’re not here to reinforce the silly stereotype that those who engage in beauty spend hours doting in front of the mirror. That said, it can be nice to use simple products, set up a schedule that helps you fix your ‘outfit’ without having to waste too much time, or easy-to-clean tools that help you clean up after arranging yourself well. This way, you don’t have to feel like this is a chore, but a regular and complimentary part of your daily scheduling.

Repair & Aftercare

Remember that in pursuit of the best skincare, in order to give yourself a break, or to simply make sure that you feel replenished after a tough day (especially in lockdown), you give yourself time to breathe. Having a facemask day, or using time to moisturize or try a new product (such as a green tea solution to help absolve your pores of dirt), can be fun, restorative, and comfortable. When was the last time you took an indulgent bath, for instance? This kind of approach helps you understand just how beauty is aligned with self-care, as bit by bit, attending to your appearance also means attending to you.

With this advice, we hope you can remain more realistic with your beauty regimen.


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