5 Practical Ways To Relieve Joint Pain

It doesn’t matter whether you lead an active or sedentary lifestyle. Nor does it matter whether you are young or in your senior years. Joint pain is something that will affect most people in some stage of their lives.
You’re likely reading this article today because joint pain is something you’ve experienced in the past
or are dealing with right now. It’s important to know that there are steps you can take to ease joint
pain. Take a look at these five practical examples:

1. Keep an eye on your weight

You might not realize it, but being overweight can harm your joints. That’s because the extra weight
puts more pressure on your joints. The good news is you can take some actionable steps to lose
weight and keep it off.
Generally speaking, a balanced diet and doing some gentle exercises each day can be enough to
help you shed those unwanted pounds. What’s more, keeping the weight off will lower the risk of
irreparable joint damage.

2. Manage the pain with topical medicine

Did you know there is a raft of topical medicines that you can apply to your skin to help relieve joint
pain? For instance, you can use products like DMSO Gel on your joints when the pain is at its worst
to get some relief.
Some gels and creams can even target other forms of pain, such as muscle spasms, which can often
leave people suffering in silence. Check that such products are okay to use in case they might cause
an allergic reaction if you’ve got a preexisting medical condition.

3. Have a hot bath each day

Would you prefer a more natural way to relieve your joint pain? If so, one option you could consider
is to have a hot bath. It’s a simple way to achieve relief from ongoing joint pain, and a hot bath is
also great for making you feel relaxed.
Many people often find their joint pain is worse in the evening or when they wake up on a cold
morning. If necessary, you could always have two or more hot baths a day.

4. Find ways to lower your stress levels

You might be wondering why decreasing your stress will give you some relief from your joint pain.
The answer is simple: stress exacerbates pain. Techniques such as meditation, tai chi, and yoga
can help lower joint inflammation.
There are many ways you can reduce stress in your life. Find the ones that work best for you and
suit your lifestyle.

5. Sleep under an electric blanket

One final way to ease your joint pain is by sleeping on an electric blanket. Some people find that
they feel freezing at night when they go to bed. An electric blanket is an instant way to warm up
your bed and you can easily adjust the heat settings.
Opt for well-known electric blanket brands such as Sunbeam as they will be more efficient at
warming you up than little-known brands.


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