Five Trendy Type Of Glasses Frames For 2020

It used to be unpopular to wear glasses. They came with a bit of a stigma. As time has moved on however, even those playground bullies would have to admit wearing glasses has become one of the most unique and personalized fashion trends. Some even opt for non-prescription ones so they join the fun. There have been some surprising and successful trends over the years making glasses ever harder to buy. It's not only a challenge selecting the right eye glasses, you have to be frame conscious as well. Here are some popular trends in 2020. 

Geometric Frames
At first you might be skeptical. Geometric glasses? But if you give them a try you might just be surprised. Whether they are square, rectangular, octagonal or hexagonal, the nonconforming angles can compliment all facial types. Not only that they offer an interesting look that's all the rage in 2020. The trends in Frames for this year and beyond are likely to be as diverse as the people wearing them so if you expected the future to be same-y - think again. 

Odd Frames

The world has started to become so niche that everyone is fighting desperately for their little bit of
different. Glasses trends are also going through a bit of a phase, in order to stand out it seems
people are going extra odd. Frames that are too big for the face, or extra slim, are coming into
fashion. The great thing about this trend is that you can be completely yourself, whatever looks good
to you is A-OK! 

Photo by Alizee Marchand from Pexels

Wooden Frames 

Wooden Frames have been around for quite some time but they haven't made the impact most expected they would. For whatever reason the wooden Frames glasses didn't exactly fly off the shelves, but instead of abandoning the concept altogether designers cleverly adapted it to incorporate a blend of materials. Not only that the new wooden frame glasses are unisex and available in a range of funky colors very different from the classic wood effect. 

Vintage Frames 

Trends come and go, and then they come back again. The classic cool look from the 60's and 70's, you know the one, think Al Pacino in Scarface, Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry, or The Blues Brothers, actually were cool and have stood the test of time. Now young millennial's and Gen-zedders are catching on and relaunching the look all over again. Maybe you were part of the original wave, so if you don't fancy updating your frames why not dig them out again. 

Cats Eyes

Cat-eye glasses are one for the ladies. Another classic look that has stood the test of time and reneged in 2020 as a contemporary look. These glasses can make you look naughty, sophisticated, or secretarial, depending on how you choose to wear them. Truthfully though, they are different, outlandish, sexy, and very niche. With a full range of colors to choose from you can really make this look your own. The same glasses in a different color for various life situations. Oh yes! 

Photo by Alizee Marchand from Pexels

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