Two Cars With Seriously Impressive Safety Features

Modern vehicles are more expensive than ever before. But that’s not because they have bigger engines or use better materials - the cost of those things have actually come down.

No - instead, it is all the safety gear that they now offer. Driving around in a car is like piloting a giant suit of armor - one with many systems in place to keep you safe on the roads.

The need for improved vehicle safety is great. In one recent month alone, 49 traffic crashes in the Bronx led to the injury of occupants, other drivers, or pedestrians. And that’s just one area of one city. When you add it up across the whole country, you soon see that personal injury is a massive issue.

Fortunately, several car makers are fighting back. They’re introducing a bunch of new technologies designed to keep you and your family safe out on the road. Here are two vehicle models you’ll want to consider if you’re in the market for a new ride.

Mazda 3

If it thinks that the driver is going to smash into it, the vehicle will automatically engage the brakes to prevent an accident. The hope is that the technology will be the end of the classic rear-end shunt due to lack of concentration or fatigue. Even absent-minded drivers could benefit from the system.

VW T-Cross

Image via renehesse
Image via renehesse
The VW T-Cross is a butch monster of a vehicle, designed to make you feel as safe as possible. The car’s four-wheel drive transmission combined with its high driving position gives you confidence on the road.

The T-Cross, however, has another exciting piece of technology up its sleeve - an automatic speed control system.

Going over the speed limit not only puts you at risk of fines and points on your license, but it also puts other people at risk. Most of the time, though, you have no idea you’re doing it. Most people speed inadvertently as they drive from place to place.

VW, therefore, has introduced a variable speed limiter option for the T-Cross you can activate to make sure that you never go over the limit.

The system works by collecting data on local speed restrictions and then combining them with on-board GPS. It will keep an eye on your speed when the vehicle knows that you’re in a 30 mph zone. If it detects that you are going to go over it, it’ll disengage the throttle automatically.

There are, of course, numerous other vehicles out there that do a similar thing. Still, the T-Cross is an excellent example of a city car with the technology.


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