Considerations to Keep in Mind When Living With Elderly Parents

While many of us don’t really consider living with our parents, especially as they grow older, there are certain circumstances that might lead us down this path. Perhaps our parents need a bit of assistance and sending them to a care home doesn’t feel right, or maybe they’re having difficulties with their property and have approached you for help. There are plenty of things that can happen in life which might unite us back with our parents, and it shouldn’t be seen in a negative light.

Instead, it could be an opportunity for many of us to take better care of our parents and provide them with the love and support they need in their golden years. But before you do this, it’s important to keep a couple of key considerations in mind to make the entire process smoother and easier to cope with.

Image via unsplash
Image via unsplash
Do you really have enough space?

One of the first things to consider is how much space you have. And no, this doesn’t mean just clearing out a room for them, it means giving your parents a private space but also giving them any assisted living tools they might need and preparing hobbies and activities for them to not get bored. One great option is to have a large garden where they can practice different hobbies and also spend time outside without having to go too far from home. You should also consider an en-suite bathroom which assistance such as extra handrails for added support.

You may want to consider putting your elderly parents in respite care for a short amount of time while you prepare your home to support them. It doesn’t take long to perform a couple of DIY renovations and you could save even more time by working with contractors instead. After a couple of modifications to your home, it’ll be ready for your elderly parents. This can add a lot more comfort, but you need to ensure you have space for them. If not, then extensions, renovations and even moving to a larger home could be options.

Assessing both their needs and your own

It’s a good idea to analyze your personal needs and also the needs of your elderly parents. For example, what kind of support do they need in order to live comfortable daily lives? Do they need regular medical assistance due to some underlying conditions? Is their cognitive health declining and thus need more attention than usual? Or perhaps they need help with meal preparation?

It’s important to analyze the needs of your elderly parents so you can prepare the appropriate solution. This could include hiring a live-in carer or one that visits every day to help you look after your elderly parents. Alternatively, it could also mean installing different types of assistance in the home, such as a stair lift. By identifying these needs and also looking at your own, it’ll be much easier to live together with your parents without needing to sacrifice your own needs.


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