Product Review: Petitoy: 4 Puzzles

This is a substantive toy.  In fact, it is clear that the makers of these puzzles well-intended for every man, woman and child to pick up each piece and hurl them, individually, one at another.  The box is somewhat heavy.  It is comprised of a sturdy, well-designed box, a bright yellow carrying bag/tote with cords and four (4) wooden puzzles.  They are not overly heavy.  But, they are somewhat heavy simply because of their quality.

The puzzles are bright, engaging, simple, aesthetically pleasing and easy to handle, for the littlest of hands (made for the ages of 3-years and older).  The pieces are overly sized for the targeted age group.

Included are a lady bug, fish, bumble bee and an owl, the wisest of the aviary kingdom.

I am seriously in a quandary as to giving this to a toddler for whom I love dearly or just putting them up on a shelf, whereupon I could enjoy them.

I'm very picky.  Don't wanna be.  But.  Am.

Only a handful of toys make it to my shelves.


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