How Your Teeth Begin To Lose Their Shape

Having a healthy, white and structured smile is something quite elusive. It's quite a phenomenon that we don’t seem to realize. The one part of our health which we’re truly left alone to deal with is our oral health. For everything else, we have doctors surgeries and hospitals. Many insurance plans won’t have oral hygiene as part of their coverage. They believe that the instances when you’ll need oral care are few and far between. Thus, it's not beneficial for most insurance plans to supply dentist coverage. However, this is just a bullet point in a long list of things that cause you to begin losing the shape of your teeth. 

Nothing good will come of it

The most obvious forms of harming your teeth are cigarettes and alcohol. These two substances outright attack your oral hygiene. The fermentation of hops, grapes, apples and pears, all make for a highly acidic drink. On top of this, the ethanol itself will dissolve your gums and erode your enamel. This shrinks the teeth and bends them slightly inward as the roots become soft. Cigarettes, on the other hand, have a must quicker way of damaging your teeth. The smoke will dramatically darken your teeth and start to erode them from the points. This creates a pointy set of teeth that look underdeveloped like a toddler might possess. Nothing good will come from using these substances.

‘Pick me up’

The things we use to give ourselves an energy boost are inherently bad for our teeth. The sugary and acidic energy drinks we consume are some of the worst examples. They are packed with sugar, carbon, and caffeine, nothing that a bowl of strawberries or raspberries couldn’t offer you for much less harm. Natural sugars from berries are far better than processed chemicals if you want a ‘pick me up’ fuel. Because the degradation of your teeth is so uneven, you will develop an uneven smile. Your teeth will not naturally sit on top of each other as the surface layer has been decreased. Contact a dentist that has a veneers service, as this allows you to gain back your symmetrical smile. They will place a thin permanent mold that will fill in any gaps, align your teeth, give them a smooth shape and provide you with a full smile.

Eating hard foods

Any kind of tough food will eventually harm your teeth. They might be small chips but they will slowly make your teeth rough around the edges. Rather than eat apples raw, it's better to cut them and peel away the skin. If you love to eat nuts, buy peanut butter or crush them into a fine powder. If you love to eat sesame snaps, soak them in coffee or tea to not have them stick to your teeth as you chew. Avoid eating hard bread like baguettes and bruschetta. These simple things will keep your teeth in one whole piece.

The secret to a great smile is shape and proportion. Your teeth will start to lose their shape if you drink too much alcohol and or smoke. Avoid eating hard foods to prevent small chips from happening.


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