How To Free Yourself From An Addiction Problem

It would be remiss of us to suggest breaking free from an addiction is an easy process. Chances are, if you are do have an addiction to something, you might have tried in vain to free yourself already. Of course, it might be that you have succeeded in your attempts, in which case, well done!

But if you are struggling with an addiction, be that to alcohol, smoking, certain types of food, gambling, or something else entirely, here are the things you need to concentrate on to put yourself on the road to recovery.

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#1: Admit you have a problem

You probably know this already, but sometimes, especially when we succumb to our personal weaknesses, we try to justify why we have one more drink, cigarette, cake, etc. We try to tell ourselves its okay. Of course, it's not, as any addiction can have terrible consequences to our health, our finances, and to the people around us. So, let your mind settle on the addiction problem you have, come to the understanding that you might need help to break free, list the ways addiction can affect your life, and then resolve to break free.

#2: Admit your problem to close friends and family members

"I need help." 3 simple words, but sometimes difficult to say if you have feelings of pride or if you are ashamed of your weaknesses. However, the people who love and care for you won't judge you. They won't think less of you for asking for help. Instead, they should be all too willing to listen to you, offer you support, and walk with you on your path to an addiction-free life. So, don't try to break free from your addiction alone, especially if you have already failed in your attempts. Share your situation with others, ask them to be that voice of reason when you are tempted to fall back to old ways, and if there are any practical things that need to be done to help you, ask them to offer that assistance.

#3: Stay away from the addiction triggers

In your attempt to break free, consider the triggers that cause you to fall into bad habits. It might be the bar you walk past on your way home from work, for example, so if you have an alcohol addiction, you might want to take another route. If you tend to drink, smoke, or eat because you're bored, you might want to fill your time with something else, be that with an activity or a safer alternative to your habit. We know that it's easier said than done to break free from an addiction, but the simple step of removing yourself from a trigger can help you on your road to recovery.

#4: Seek professional help

The reason why its difficult to break free from an addiction is because of the effects on your brain. So, while you might have the best intentions in the world to help yourself, your attempts might fail because of the way your addiction has affected your brain chemistry. Thankfully, you can rewire your brain again when removing yourself from your addiction, so all hope isn't lost. Some addiction centers can offer brain therapy to correct your addictive tendencies. There are also those centers that offer specialist help with certain types of addiction, such as Any Length Retreat which offers recovery help for those struggling with alcoholism. And there are counselling groups, self-help groups, and other treatment centers that can provide support. In short, you are not alone. If you know you need professional help, commit to a Google search or speak to your doctor.


The road to recovery starts now, so to ensure you start to feel better this year, do what is needed to break free from your addiction problem. The path might not be an easy one, but the benefits to your life are many when you finally break free, so keep these in mind on your journey.

Take care, and thanks for reading.


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