Fun Family Trips You Should Be Considering This Year

Enjoying a vacation with your family is just one of those things that we all love to do. Some of us are fortunate to head to wonderful locations and make memories that can last a lifetime. The issue that all of us can face is deciding on the best locations. This is because for many families you get one vacation a year where you can all spend time together, so you want to ensure that you choose wisely so that the whole family will enjoy themselves. So I thought I would share with you some of the fun family trips you could consider next year that the whole family will love.


A trip to Florida

Sometimes you have to embrace the magic of younger children and what better place to do it than in Florida. It’s the opportunity to enjoy all of the attractions and experience some of the best things to do with Disney and the films. Disney World not only offers the main attraction park, but also accommodation, food spots, and also water parks to name a few. You might even find that the magic captures your heart as you enjoy seeing the smiles on everyone’s face. Florida also has some fantastic attractions in Orlando, such as Universal Studios. You could look online at purchasing Universal tickets to see if you can make a saving. Combine the theme parks, with other attractions and glorious beaches and Florida could be the ultimate destination for your next family adventure.

A winter experience in Quebec, Canada

Some people are not fortunate enough to experience a true winter, or perhaps they are lucky depending on your opinion. But, it’s always nice to experience winter at least once and why not combine that with a vacation by heading to Canada. Quebec, for example, has a family friendly resorts that offers some wonderful chalets and homes that you can stay in. Hit the slopes or enjoy making a snowman. Once your activities are done for the day, you can sit back and enjoy a warming hot chocolate with the whole family. 

Fun on the beach in the Dominican Republic

Who doesn’t love an escape to the beach for a vacation and the stunning white sandy beaches of Dominican Republic in The Caribbean could be the perfect location for you and the family. With plenty of resorts offering family friendly accommodation, you could be spoiled for choice of a place to stay. Enjoy the beach, swim in the sea, or even take an excursion to see some of the island's true wonders.

Exciting opportunity to see the home of Father Christmas in Lapland, Finland

Many children love visiting Father Christmas, especially at this time of year. The grottos around are simply amazing these days, but nothing could quite compare than taking your children to the home of Santa Claus himself. Lapland in Finland has many attractions to explore, but while you are there, you could get the opportunity to see the Northern Lights or marvel at the wonderful ice sculptures that get erected each year.

Enjoy an exotic adventure island hopping in Thailand

Finally, maybe you and the family would love an exotic vacation next year. So the islands in Thailand could offer the perfect compromise. While offering picturesque scenery, you also get amazing value for money on food and accommodation costs. Making it an achievable vacation the whole family could enjoy. Who doesn’t love to sit on the beach and watch the world go by?

Let’s hope this has inspired you to think about your family vacation plans next year.


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