Are You Treating Yourself Enough?

The idea of indulgence, of splashing out on ourselves, on being our number one cheerleader, can sometimes bring up feelings of strange worry in those who are used to taking care of everyone around them. We can often feel that spending too much money on ourselves is the height of selfishness, even if we’ve earned every single penny ourselves. This is because we may think that the money could go to something more constructive, or that we may not have ‘earned’ the sudden treat.

For some, it may be that they’re unused to being taken care of in this way, and so find it hard to feel comfortable when doing the same for themselves. However, in this post we hope to suggest that treating yourself is never a negative or harmful practice if carefully measured out depending on your income. With a healthy investment in yourself, you can find the beautiful personal treatment you need, reduce stress, and help you act as a friend to yourself. Sometimes, this last point is the best lesson anyone could learn.

Image via Pexels
Image via Pexels
With that in mind, we’d warmly recommend the following advice:

A Good Pampering

A good pampering can help in many different ways. It can help you relieve stress, and also allow you to feel brand new. A good massage, a soak in a jacuzzi and then sauna, or better yet, attending salon services with professionals focused on bringing out the best of your appearance can help you feel totally renewed. This way, you’ll strut out of the facility with a confidence that you may not have had for years. A milestone like this is not an insignificant one. Might it be you deserve to experience that? We’d say so.

Making The Healthy Choices

We often relate ‘treating yourself’ to indulgence, such as in treating yourself to a beautiful desert after your meal. Of course, we’re not going to tell you to avoid this at all costs. However, it can be nice to treat yourself from a health perspective once in a while. Maybe go for a long walk with your dog this weekend, or hike nearby, or take your bicycle out and see if your friend wishes to come with you. The real definition of treating yourself is to feel renewed and to do something out of the norm, and so sometimes, the healthy choice can be part of that.

Lessening The Weight On Your Shoulders

Lessening the intensive weight on your shoulders can be nothing if not a good idea. For instance, treating yourself might simply be taking your friend out for a coffee, listening to their troubles, and asking them to listen to yours. To that extent you can feel a weight off your shoulders knowing someone understands, and doing so for that person can also provide them with the same benefit. This, in itself can be a worthwhile approach.

With this advice, we hope you can treat yourself enough, or perhaps even for the first time in a while.


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