Tanteo Blanco Tequila

It was a day this past week.  Well, it began as an ordinary day.  It was Suzanne's birthday. 

Suzanne is one of Ginae Review's reviewers and a foodie.  She's kept pace since the very beginning.  As such, she is our senior reviewer. 

We had been planning her birthday party for a bit and were looking forward to it on that night.

We met earlier that day for a quick review of Tanteo's newest tequila. 

Tanteo Blanco.

Normally, we would have a margarita mix or something sour-sweet to go with it.  We didn't have any this day, for the impromptu gathering.  Suzanne was still working and we were being discreet so as not to disturb anyone.

Tanteo Tequila
Ginae Reviews for Tanteo Tequila
We remember how much we had liked previous Tanteo reviews and tried this one.  Neat. 

A neat tequila?!?

Are you mental?!?

Perhaps.  But, we liked it.  Really liked it.


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