A Stitch in Time

How many of you go about your daily life knowing that there is something you should stop doing, get fixed, or have looked at, but for some reason, you can’t seem to find the time or motivation to face up to it? These things get pushed to the back of your mind, and you try to forget about them, to no avail. The niggling feeling doesn’t go away. It ends up growing and getting worse. Maybe you have a hectic life with many responsibilities and change is not something you can do right now. Unfortunately, this is the perfect environment for these things to fester. Perhaps, it is a sense that your health is not what it should be, or that you should stop seeing that toxic friend who does nothing but bring you down. Any sense that something is wrong, if left unchecked, will have a detrimental effect on mental health. The more time goes by, the more this feeling of unease becomes part of your consciousness with some potentially harmful results. You may become angry at yourself because you did not face up to whatever it was when you could have done something about it. Facing your fears can be one of the hardest things to do.

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Identify the issue

When you first begin to feel this sensation of unease, you need to try and understand why you are feeling this way. It may be that you are on a path to burning out and all you need to do is stop and recharge. Identify the issue and work out how significant an issue it is. Perhaps it is as simple as cutting out the fatty foods or getting that dental oral surgery you desperately need. Whatever it is, the way to deal with it is by accepting there is an issue and identifying it.

Get help and advice

Instead of keeping your fears inside, it is wise to discuss them with someone you trust, be it a friend, family member, or a doctor. Sharing a problem with someone will bring a whole new perspective to it, and may make it seem much more manageable. If you are gearing up for a big life change, you are going to need someone to lean on throughout your transition, so open up.


Mentally prepare yourself for the worst, but hope for the best. If you have found a lump, for example, it is best to plan, at least in your own mind, the steps you are going to have to take to become well.  And if you do have any sort of serious problem with your health, it is better to get it seen to as early as possible. 

Become stronger

Tackling a big issue when it first rears its head may be difficult, but it makes you stronger. Quickly resolving problems boosts your confidence and allows you to move forward with your life rather than stagnating. You may develop some coping mechanisms which will serve you as you travel through your life.


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