Progressive Insurance: Peer Pressure

The ad begins with a night shot of a convenience store and the camera quickly scans over to our heroine, Flo, calling to two male passerbys, "Hey, buddy."

For the record, this commercial is noted as being the second-most top insurance commercial from

"Oh, hey, Flo." One of the gentlemen slowly replies.

"You want to see something cool?  Snapshot, from Progressive."  Flo asks.

"My insurance company told me not to talk to people like you."

"You always do what they tell you to?"  Asks Flo.

"Well," he scoffs.  "No-o."

"Try it.  See what your good driving can save you.  You don't even have to switch. Unless, you're scared."

He laughs.  "I'm not s-cared."

Walking backwards, she slowly walks away.

"You know, we can still see you."

"No, you can't."  She assures.

"Pretty sure we can."

"Try snapshot today.  No pressure."

The screen quickly fades to black and the following words populate the screen;
PROGRESSIVE.  LOCAL AGENT/PROGRESSIVE.COM.  Prices vary based on how you buy.

Peer Pressure from Lindsey King on Vimeo.
Progressive Insurance Commercial

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