Premium Japanese Matcha

Ginae Reviews has been dealing with and reviewing the fine products of the Japanese Green Tea store for at least two years now.  The site offers a consistent quality product, service and is ever-evolving.  The owner is Kei Nishida and we've come to a point of true respect for him and his business practices.


  • 1) Premium Japanese Matcha, 50 grams $28.99

Hence, when we received this product, we decided to look elsewhere for guidance.  Unfortunately,
we cannot link to this information as it happens to originate from a competitor.  As such.

It is stated that excellent matcha tea has a smooth (not rough) texture, is grown in Japan and will produce a green smear when rubbed between two pieces of white paper.  Actually, we have done this step before and this tea passes that test.  You need to be able to produce an unbroken line of the smear.
Good matcha tea has a sweet, pleasing aroma and is a bright green in hue.

Pass!  Pass!  Pass!

You may get yours from the associated link.

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