How To Add Exotic Flavours Into Your Everyday Diet

Many people make the mistake of having a drab, dull and boring diet. Sticking to the most delicate of flavours, never attempting to try exotic foods out of fear of the unknown, it’s really tough to branch out and tantalise your tastebuds by eating something completely new for those of you who just aren’t that way inclined. However, the benefits of these world foods are not only in their flavour, but the way in which they can help your wellbeing and immune system too. With this reasoning in mind, here are some of the best ingredients you can make use of during your next kitchen extravaganza to create the tastiest and most healthy meals ever!

Image via Pexels
Image via Pexels
Herbs & Spices 

The joy that herbs and spices can bring to any dish makes them an absolutely key ingredient in any kind of plate you make. From the basics like salt, pepper, chilli flakes and garlic, to those that are used in more specific meals like fennel, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cumin - getting a spice rack of some kind that you can fill with each of these little pots of flavour is a wonderful idea for any beginner to get more involved and try some experimentation. If you don’t have much experience using these ingredients, take it as slowly as possible to ensure that you do not go overboard and put yourself of adding them to your cooking forever. Add a sprinkle of chilli flakes and a few small slices of garlic to your vegetables when frying them to transform the dish from zero to hero, or go the extra mile by sprinkling them with salt and paprika for a perfect Mexican spicy kick. Ensure that you are able to completely enjoy the flavours of your new exotic dishes by seeking heartburn treatment if you find that you react more negatively to hot spices, as they are actually said to be quite beneficial for your health in terms of flushing out the system - hence why meals containing chilliest and spicy peppers often make your eyes and nose release water.

The Joy Of Meat

In many countries, residents tend to stick to basic farm animals such as chickens, cows, pigs and sheep. However, all around the world this differs dramatically, as those in oriental countries tend to consume almost all species, whereas in places like Australia they are known to eat ostrich, and many French people consider horses to be a delicacy. It’s completely up to you where you decide to draw the line, as some animals are viewed in modern society of being more of a companion (dogs, cats, rabbits) and it can be very difficult to eat these kinds of meat without relating back to the animal itself. Head down to your local food market to pick up some bargain pieces of meat, or pop into the supermarket and head to the ‘exotic’ or ‘world foods’ section to find some interesting animal sources.

Don’t be afraid to go crazy with flavours - experiment as much as possible to find your favourite combinations!


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