A Healthy Lifestyle Shouldn't Feel Like A Chore

It’s not uncommon for us to feel as though a healthy lifestyle is something we have to truly sacrifice for. Of course, there are reasons as to why we develop these feelings and impressions. We know that exercise can feel quite hard to deal within the first couple of weeks we practice it. We know that eating a healthy and limited diet to lose weight can mean missing out on the items we like to indulge in. We also know that it feels nicer to sleep in and relax than it does to run in the pouring rain, or to work out when you feel tired, or to worry about what supplements are best for your nutritional intake.

But why should a healthy lifestyle feel like a chore? Is it possible that this might not actually be so terrible should we consider how to best apply ourselves? We believe this is so. In fact, we believe this is so possible that applying yourself in this direction might surprise you, provided you utilize great advice. It is that advice we hope to give:

Image via theformfitness
Image via theformfitness
Find The Best Advice

A healthy lifestyle can be best accompanied when you’re keeping it updated, continually learning more about it, and trying new things. This is where following a few experts can be worthwhile. There are many YouTube channels dedicated to discussing all kinds of workout regimes, from cardio to resistance training to yoga to anything else you could imagine. Additionally, taking the time to follow the RUVI blog, reading the best recipes for a pressure cooker, or learning how to better track your macros using expert advice can not only help you get great tips, but it may also help you feel further motivated to do this. We cannot achieve everything alone, so why start something as important as self-care with that mindset?

Make It Routine

Make your self-care routine. Get up at the same time every day and meditate for the same amount of time once you have completely woken up that morning. Try to eat at the same time every day to avoid the tendency to snack, or simply stop taking your coffee with sugar to once again make this the norm. When it’s habitual, it’ so much easier to keep that momentum up.

Make It Social

It can also be that discussing your progress in places such as r/IntermittentFasting, or by keeping an online journal or YouTube vlog regarding your health maintenance, or inviting a buddy to come to the gym with you can help you feel much more secure and appreciated in your new adventures, not only giving you the potential to enjoy yourself, but to rely on someone else and have them rely on you. Community can be a very important part of loving a new life practice, and so searching for this is never an exercise in futility.

With this advice, you are certain to enjoy the healthiest lifestyle, without it feeling like a chore.


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