3 Sure Fire Ways To Be a Good Friend

In the twenty-first century, our lives are busier yet more isolating than ever. It’s all too easy to spend the evening in a room full of people without saying a word to them because we would rather scroll through the feed of a social media platform. This act makes us more alone if not lonely. We have more interconnecting technological advancements than ever and yet we have forgotten how to pick up the phone and talk to one another. If you know somebody who feels isolated, down or disconnected, it’s time to be a good friend. This is easier said than done. However, follow this guide and you can be there for your friend in need.

Image via OpenClipart-Vectors
Image via OpenClipart-Vectors

Forget about rushing in like a bull in a china shop, demanding that your friend have a shower, get dressed and have a night out with their pals. This does more damage than good. Instead, you need to take a more subtle approach. Your friend might be putting themselves in an isolating state. They may struggle to get out of bed, eat properly or have a shower. Don’t force them to do this, but stay connected to them. Give them a ring and allow them to dictate the conversation. You might not get a lot out of them to begin with but eventually, they may open up. Be there if they want to rant, cry or simply have a chat about the weather.

When they are feeling a little stronger, take some food over and encourage them to eat something other than takeaways once again. Listen at all times. Don’t force any issues and never be demanding. In time, your contact will make them accept your invitation to social events once again.


You cannot whisk your pal away if they do not want to go. Your friend needs to recognize that they need an intervention and could do with some professional help. Self-recognition is the first step in getting well. When they ask for your help be there, arrange a visit to a specialist rehab for women if needed, visit a doctor, and keep telling your friend how proud you are. It takes courage to admit that your mental health is suffering. As a good friend, you need to be there through the intervention process; things tend to get worse before they get better.

Image via rawpixel
Image via rawpixel
Head Outside

Even if it is a walk to the park or a two-minute stroll down the driveway and back, getting your pal outside and away from being cooped up indoors all day will help their state of mind. Vitamin D is needed to help regulate the body clock. If your pal is suffering from insomnia, it could be because they are isolating themselves indoors. Instead, head outdoors and build up the length of time you are outside. If they have a hobby like jogging or hiking, incorporate this into your mini outing. Make it a safe space, so they can say if they want to go home.

Being a good friend sounds easy but can be difficult. You need to surrender your own well being for a little while to help your pal. Follow this guide and you can help your friend get well once again.


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