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Selecting your brand from the Trade Coffee website is relatively easy to maneuver, as long as you keep clicking on the, "All Coffee," link.
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  • 1 12-Ounce bag of Leftist Espresso $18.85 for $16.00

We selected this one because of the flavor profile (dark chocolate, cherry, sweet toffee and spiced finish).  Four reviewers (including myself) tasted and loved this.  However, none of us were able to discern any of these flavors.

None of us ever do taste the profile given.  Ever.  With any brand.  We've come to realize that we are pretty much coffee freaks and going to really like most anything placed in front of us.  Leftist is no different.


Each item is marked down 15% and a buyer never pays for shipping costs.  Try the matching service if you feel like getting jiggy with it.  Re-order the same?  Easily done.

Offered up is a variety of 400+.

Oh, there are a couple of words that you might want to shield the very young from.  Otherwise, shop onward.  And really, the youngest coffee drinker that we've ever experienced on a personal level was 5.  But, he was a tough 5.  Seriously.

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