Reel Paper


We are building a new kind of paper company.

One that cares about helping the planet, our fellow humans while providing fantastic and sustainable paper products. We are here to make a reel difference.

preel toilet paper arrives in an attractively packaged container (box).  It also arrives with a story, a purpose and some well-written, well-thought-out concepts for the doing of business.  We concur with these concepts and present the brand accordingly.

This company provides toilets to people who do not have them.  A buying public makes this all possible.  Can you imagine life without a toilet?  It's a heart-breaking thought, really.

reel toilet paper isn't the first company for which we have had the privilege of trying a product comprised of bamboo.  We like it, on the norm.  It's soft, eco-friendly and seems to have many uses, outside of providing a lush green background for your yard.

For our personal taste, reel paper is simply not thick enough.  It's just not.  And, while it is not possible to see through the paper tiles, excepting dotted perforation holes, it is still too thin.  The brand is a step up from many brands which are simply not thick enough.  Having it delivered with shipping charges is nice.  But, thin.

We like the mission statement and the other aforementioned business concepts.  We like the design of the product.  But, the thing that tells the tale, is the thing that goes on behind a closed door, in a smaller-than-the-other-rooms-room.

paper 2
This review is not a super investigative report of a bad brand.  Nor is it negative, either.  It isn't even that.  It is simply a personal indicator that we adhere to while shopping at the local retail joint, while prancing around in the paper products aisle.


  • Free shipping is offered on all orders
  • No: Ink, dye or BPA
  • Paper is 3-ply
  • Product is comprised of eco-friendly bamboo
  • Toilet issue paper - delivered to your front door, while you are clad in a robe and comfy slippers

This review is in direct accordance with the Federal Trade Commission, 16 CFR Part 255.

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